Want to feel closer to your significant other?


We all always want to feel a close, deep connection to our partner, and often I get the question how after the “honeymoon period” is over?

Here’s some ways that you can begin to immediately feel closer to your partner.

  • Ask deep questions, questions that you may not know the answers to. Often in couples therapy, I ask the couples to ask one another personal questions, this helps to build closeness and a bond, while also learning new and interesting things about your partner.
  • Show physical love and affection. In order to feel connected to our partners, we need to feel a closeness on many levels. One level is the physical bond. Whether it be holding hands, massages, or hugs, physical affection can help to build closeness between partners.
  • Start a new hobby together. Try something new out with one another, something that may be even out of your comfort zone. In doing so, you both get to start something new together, and face your fears with your partner as your support system, growing a deeper connection and bond.
  • Compliment one another often, when compliments are regularly interjected, they can stimulate communication and spark, which is always obviously a good thing to help build a closer bond between a couple.
  • Textless, speak more. Although texting is handy, it can also steer us away from the simplest form of communication with our partner, speaking. When we speak to our partner vs. texting, it feels a lot more fulfilling and intimate, especially because you’ll have so much more to catch up on while speaking because the texting wasn’t happening throughout the day.

It’s the smallest gestures that close the distance between ourselves and the people we love. It’s important as couples to pay attention to the everyday intimacies. When we practice ways to feel closer to our partner, it begins to add up and we quickly reach a new level of happiness, which can lead us to express ourselves in other ways. It doesn’t take much to remember how much you love your partner, and you only need to put in a little bit of effort to show your love and appreciation, and in doing so you will have a closer bond and connect with one another.

Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella