Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day

Colette Lopane-Capella therapist Westchester, NY mother's day

May 2022
By Colette


What a strange day for me. Even today, I’m not 100% how I feel about it. It use to be the pain, the sadness, the ill feeling that creeped up every year when the Mother’s Day decor started coming out, the painful reminder that my beautiful mother left this physical earth way to early. Followed by the happiness and gratitude of how lucky I was to have her, even for the short period I did. Followed by my Nanny, wow my nanny. The women that stood up to take on a job that now as a mother I can’t even envision, with such strength, such grace, such compassion, even after losing her own daughter she did it all. These two women shaped me in every single form. So the mesh of those emotions was what I felt for years. Many years. Then I became a therapist and an advocate for women, for mothers, the truest forms of warriors and I felt this over whelming emotion again to honor them; to thank them, to see them, all the warrior mothers around me. Today I am one, today I’m part of that very sacred tribe and I feel gratitude, I feel true honor. I’m grateful to my work and especially my boys for making this day easier, for making it joyful, for making it special as for so many years it was the pain. Although I do feel the pain, the magic of love of my boys helps ease it some. So cheers to the multitude of emotions I feel and validate today and the immense gratitude and love I have around me. My boys in every shape and form healed me, they made me whole again and to them I’m forever grateful, they chose me and that’s the greatest honor of my life.  Wishing a very special Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. And to my two very own super hero’s in heaven, thank you, truly thank you because without you two strong, powerful women, I wouldn’t be me, I wouldn’t be a mother. Thank you for the greatest gift of my life.

To each, please honor however you feel today, whatever emotion it is, honor that.

With a very grateful heart, a mother.

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How to Feel Less Anxious About The Future, Relationships And Finances

Are you feeling anxious or worried about your future, a relationship or finances? Is it keeping you up at night? Or is it affecting you every day life, your interpersonal relationships?

You’re not alone; one of the major worries in individual’s lives involves one of these aspects in many instances. Here in this blog let’s discuss some ways to support and lower your stress level.


Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety

Mindfulness is one way for someone to lower stress levels. Mindfulness shifts perspective to what is going on in the current moment and less emphasis in the past or to the future. By becoming more present one is able to slow down racing thoughts and soften anxiety.

Mindfulness reduces stress as well as builds resilience with our responses to stressors. Check out Colette’s podcast on apple podcast today to try out some mindfulness mediations, Start somewhere, start here, and start today.


You Have the Ability to Be Empowered and Happy

You have the capability to feel less anxious and be empowered as well as happy by starting to ask yourself the question, what do I need? What can I give myself today? By practicing self- compassion and self- awareness we begin to seek our internal needs and in hand empower ourselves to live happier more fulfilled lives.

I encourage beginning to ask your self the magic question each day, what do I need today? And throughout the day checking in on how you can fulfill that need.


How Therapy Can Help You Feel Less Anxious, Calm and In Control

Therapy can help lower stress levels and put you back in the drivers seat, in control. Therapists are trained on ways to help build clients toolbox of support and resources to feel more regulated, grounded and centered.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety reach out to our team today, we are honored to support you and be apart of your journey,

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We’re Hiring 

Join the New Day Vitality Tribe

We’re hiring!

NY New York therapy LMHC job
We are hiring! Holistic Private Group Practice, New Day Vitality Mental Health Counseling PLLC

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New day vitality is a holistic practice looking to hire a part time to full time psychotherapist (LMHC) to join the practice in Westchester NY. (All online at this time thus work from home, but must be licensed in NYS.) The candidate must be motivated, passionate, and collaborative to join our New Day family. We offer individual and couples therapy and incorporate a holistic approach along with other therapeutic approaches.

Clinicians currently employed in their own or another private practice should not be applying.

What we offer:
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• Master's (Required)
• Psychotherapy: 1 year (Preferred)
• Licensed in N.Y.S LMHC  (Required)
Work Location:
• Westchester NY
• Bronx NY
Work Remotely:
• Temporarily due to COVID-19 ongoing

To apply or for more information please reach out below, thank you, Namaste

Colette Lopane Capella
Email resume and cover letter to:
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The Empowerment Tribe

Some days are hard days, some days are full of magic. I asked some local moms to share some inspirational quotes that they want other moms in there tribe to hear for the hard days. Here’s the list below, I encourage each to read and use for those hard days.
I see you, I validate you, I stand by you,

For moms, from moms…

You got this.

This is just a moment it will pass.

You were made for this.

The days are long but the years are short.

Take a deep breath.

You are there everything.

Sometimes everything goes to s*it but then the pieces come back together.

You were born to be their mom.

Laugh through the chaos.

Successful mothers are not the ones who have never struggled, they are the ones that never gave up, despite the struggles.

Being a mom and seeing other moms just inspires me.

Call your husband and tell him he owes you.

Ride the waves.

Family is family.

Talk about it.

You are a very strong woman.

Your an inspiration.

It’s always a good day to have a good day.

You are the entire world.

You are my child and your safe.

Fake it till you feel ok again.

It’s all love, it’s all good, then laugh.

Focus on you for a second.

Walk away, throw water on your face and come back in as a new person.

It’s ok to laugh at the insanity.

My mom always told me, you are stronger then you believe.

Discover more of what you need.

Imagine if someone saw the craziest day in your house, imagine that and then laugh.

Talk about the way you feel.

It’s all worth it, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

Imagine what my mom went through; then call her.

It’s ok, it’s going to be ok.

You can do this.

Your child works on your energy, be cautious.

This child, this child is love.

I support you.

We are in this together.

Be kind.

There is no right way.

Call your best friend.

Turn the wounds into wisdom.

Forgive and show yourself love.

Take a break, do something nice for you.

Nothing is impossible.

Love and light.

Keep going.

I look up to you.

Your kids are your life, but you are there entire everything.

Love yourself, it’s that simple.

I’m learning more about myself in these hard moments.

Your strong then you think.

It’s ok to stop and ask for help. We all need it.

Life doesn’t come with a manual, everyday is something new to learn.

Being a mother is learning your strengths you didn’t know you had.

It gets easier.

You are brave.

Take sometime to enjoy the view even when it’s a wild one.

Put on the music and dance it out.

It’s a hard day, but only a day.

Push through.

Never give up.

This is the good days, believe it or not.

I love you.

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The People-Pleaser: A Trauma Survivor Mechanism

Some of us may be apt to help as much as possible. Some of us may know others who are consistently going out of their way to help others. In certain instances, this is a response to childhood trauma. When a person has grown up in an environment where their mental or physical well-being is threatened, people-pleasing may have been used as a survival skill in response to this threat. In childhood, this may have looked like not expressing yourself, your needs, or “talking back” to an authority figure to avoid conflict. This would be considered people-pleasing since the child is putting the needs of others ahead of their own.

As we become adults this trait can easily morph into people-pleasing in our interpersonal and occupational relationships. This can look like trouble saying “no” to tasks we truly do not want to take on. In the work environment, your boss may consistently go to you with overwhelming projects, and in relationships, you may feel pressure to help the other person as much as possible, even at the cost of your own wellness. Subconsciously this is done to avoid potentially experiencing a negative reaction from the other person. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or anxious when saying “yes” to someone, this may indicate a trauma-related response pattern. You may notice your body becoming tense, and experience resentment and psychological distress. Becoming self-aware and implementing boundaries is a step into un-programming this cycle. Consulting with a therapist is a great way to channel into the root of our trauma-related responses, and learning how to set healthy boundaries.

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