How to Enjoy Life in the Moment with Mindfulness

Let’s talk about how we can slow down and begin to enjoy life in the moment through mindfulness. Often we become autopilot in life; working from one task to another. We one day look back and think where did the time go? Was I even there? It’s common and it’s a concern most of society experiences at one point or another in their lives. Mindfulness is one way to begin to slow down and really be apart of your experiences vs preparing for the future. Focus the emphasis on the here and now allows for individuals to fully see the moments in the moments. These exercises are fantastic ways to slow down and enjoy the moments.

Mindfulness Mediations

Meditation is one way to begin to enjoy life in the moment. Simply practicing meditation daily can begin to rewire the brain to be more present in the moments. Simply meditations, even a couple minutes can help to elicit this change. Check out our podcast meditations to start this regimen daily today:

Mindful Journaling

Mindful journaling is another way to enjoy the present vs focusing on the past or on the future. A simply way to start the mindful journaling is just journaling each evening before bed, journal about your day, what you enjoyed, what you recall and what you learned from the day. This simple yet extremely beneficial exercise can help one to become more present and mindful.

Another Mindfulness Exercise is Mindful Walks

I’m a big promoter of mindfulness walks. Take a walk, weather permitting and use your five senses to hear, see, smell, taste,  touch that perhaps you never noticed before. You will be surprised by what you notice, maybe even a place you walk often but never noticed the color on the tree or the smell of flowers. Allow yourself to truly emerge into this mindfulness walk and use your five senses as your guide.

Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness therapy is also a practice that new day vitality provides. We can help you to live more mindful and enjoy the moments through building on skills and helpful tools. If interested in mindfulness therapy reach out to us today. We are honored to help. 
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Colette, Founder and Director of New Day Vitality

New Day Vitality westchester therapy NY online Florida ConnecticutIt’s been sometime since I introduced myself and my practice on here ❤️.  So here’s to really getting to know me ⭐.️ So you landed on this page and you’re here for a reason. I truly believe the universe connects us every step of the way. I’m Colette, Founder and Director of New Day Vitality. I’m a wife, a mom, a fur mom, an empath, a healer and a true lover of life. I’m not your average therapist. I practice what I preach and that’s authenticity. So I’ll probably curse at some point in session and keep it real, pure and honest. I believe being true to who I am is the least I can show up as for my clients considering they are showing me some of their most vulnerable places of themselves.  I’ve dedicated more than a decade of life working as a therapist. Its one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. This work is sacred, it’s meaningful, the fact that someone opens the door for my practice and I to be a part of their journey is truly an honor. Through my own hardships in life through childhood I have committed to being “ that person” to my clients. Your not just a client to me, your family, you’re a friend and I go above and beyond to support you. Life takes us in some crazy direction at times but being on this page is one that is meant to be. If your ready and seeking support reach out today. Myself and my tribe of clinicians are here for you. Remember unconditional love is life’s most powerful healer and that includes self love, investing in you, your mental health is providing unconditional love and believe me you deserve it. You are enough, always have been and always will be my friend lets get back to your inner warrior and strength and allow you to shine bright, because you deserve it. Let’s talk about the hard stuff, you have the power to change your story let’s heal and prioritize you.
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The Tough Break Up

Breaking up is never easy. Even if your the one who broke up with your partner it doesn’t take away from the sadness of the significant chapter change.

I broke up with my partner, now what?

You broke up with your partner, you guys weren’t connecting anymore, you have different goals for your future or you just simply weren’t in love anymore, now what? So much time and energy was spent on this partner, where does that time go now?
First it’s important to focus on you. Focus on your healing from the split. Ask yourself the question, what do I need? Self care and self love should be your priority and doing things that bring you joy.

We broke up and now I feel lonely.

So you broke up and now feel lonely, what to do with your time?
Try first by doing things you enjoy, perhaps outings, hiking, even going to the broadway shows. If that doesn’t work, take on a new hobby, something that brings you interest and want to try. Get friends or family members involved as well, this way everyone can enjoy the new hobby.

I feel like I have no one to talk to after the break up.

Common, very common, often this is one the complaints someone will have directly after a break up. It’s important to utilize your support group, love ones who you can call and speak to. If you don’t find that connection there’s a bunch of online groups for others who are going through something similar. Joining a group can help to feel less alone and more validated.
Lastly if you are struggling after a break up and need professional support, reach out to a local psychotherapist. A therapist can help to support and guide you through the break up to a new found you and life.
If you or someone you know has recently had a break up and seeking support, give us a call today. We are honored to apart of the journey.
Check out this awesome mediation to help regulate emotions after a break up
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How to Begin to Build Self-Esteem

4 Simple steps to start today to build your self-esteem and self-confidence:

Boosting Self-esteem

Set time aside for you.

It’s important to ensure that we are setting time to be with ourselves. Believe it or not alone time is an easy way to begin to build the bridge to strengthen self-esteem. I often encourage clients to schedule in every day “me time”. During that time, do something you enjoy, something that is for you, only you and makes you smile.


Write down goals and work towards them- grow, evolve your self-esteem

In order to build self-esteem we need to set goals for ourselves and then meet them. Begin by setting small, realistic tangible goals that you can meet and you will. Slowly grow that list to something bigger and reflect on how awesome you are on setting the intention to reach and then meeting the goal.

Do what makes you happy= higher self-esteem

Sounds simple huh? But isn’t always. We don’t always do what makes us happy, we often do things to make others happy. I encourage you to set a reminder one a week to do something for you that makes you and only you happy. It can be as simple as saying no to plans that your just not in the mood for to as complex as planning that grand vacation that you have wanted to do for years. Set the intentions, work towards the internal happiness and in hand build you self-esteem.

Be perfectly imperfect= better self-esteem

We often set such high expectations for ourselves. To be perfect, to do it all, to be it all. Well I challenge you to release and let go of all of that and just be you. Just showing up as yourself allows you to be the most authentic version of you, showing up perfectly imperfect. When we release all of the expectations we truly begin to trust and own our most desirable selves. Trust the process and just be you, perfectly imperfect.

Check out these awesome blogs that talks about more ways to build on your self-esteem today:

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How to Keep Your Cool When Feeling Triggered?

How to keep your cool when feeling triggered by another person?

Fight, flight, and freeze during anger

So we have all been there, anger is an emotion everyone experiences. Here’s an interesting fact, anger is a secondary emotion, and the primary emotion is typically something more similar to sadness, disappointment. Then why do we experience it? Its because anger is a more tangible easier response then the primary emotion. Particularly when we feel triggered by another person, perhaps even a loved one. It may elicit feelings of vulnerability, exposure and even trapped. Lets talk about some ways to cool down when feeling triggered by another person.


Feeling angry, don’t want to say anything I may regret

So you feel triggered, upset, seeing red, may say something to a love one you might regret. How do you slow it down? First, if your able to walk away, take a moment to yourself it can literally be the most helpful couple of minutes. Simply excuse yourself from the environment or situation to give your mind and body the opportunity to calm down and regulate. When you feel ready you can return to the conversation and environment.


Visualization for anger

Visualization can be very helpful to calm down. Close your eyes and envision yourself in your favorite place, stay there for a couple minutes until you feel ready to return to the conversation. Try this visualization exercise out,


The count down for anger

Counting from 1-10 is an easy way to separate yourself mentally in a heighten situation. It’s simple yet very regulating.


Talk to a friend

Sometimes reaching out to a trustful, safe love one to talk about your experience can help calm heighten emotions, you also can gain support.


Slow down and focus on you breathe, become mindful

Lastly, breathing exercises can help regulate your system when feeling triggered. Take a couple minutes to slow down your breathing, focus on your breathe and re- regulate.


Talk to your therapist

Therapy is a great way to learn how to manage and regulate your emotions when you’ve been triggered or even before you’ve been triggered by another person.

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