Therapy for Empaths

Hello our fellow empaths,

What a beautiful gift but also a beautiful curse, hello my fellow empath. As an empath you are highly tuned in to the emotions of others. You can feel what others feel and even intertwine their vibrations and energies as your own. It can sometimes get overwhelming and draining. Empaths can bring light and love into other lives as well as the world with their true compassion and unconditional love and understanding. Although a beautiful gift, it can also deplete an empath, the empath heals the world, but who heals the empath? There is no way for an empath to just stop being an empath, and why would we want that? It is one of the most magical greatest gifts. But there are ways for empaths to manage and build awareness of their journeys while caring for themselves. 

Magic happens when self aligns with soul.

Empaths can learn to take care of themselves first and build awareness that is necessary to live, not just survive.

Being an empath can be an ability, a gift, a skill. Become an empowered empath today with New Day Vitality’s support. With New Day's support empaths, or light workers (one who brings light to the world) as we liked to call ourselves, are able to see their worth and spread love and kindness like a wildfire. Live a thriving life as an empath.

A person is casting shadow on the wall

Are you an empath or (HSP) highly sensitive person? Does this speak to you? Let us be a part of your beautiful journey today.

Studies have found that empaths or a highly sensitive person have stronger activation in regions of the brain involved with empathy, awareness and feeling deep emotions. You process and reflect information more profoundly. No wonder you hold space for so many, your brain is literally encoded to do so. In fact 20% of the population is an HSP or empath.

You love, you feel deep, you're the caregiver, the friend, the one everyone goes to, but who’s taking care of you?
We are here to help, our empath friend.