3 Ways To Be More Affectionate To Your Partner


Often I see couples whom feel as if the “spark” is know longer present in their relationship, which for many can be very concerning. So how can we be more affectionate to your partner? Here are three tips of ways to be more affectionate to your partner today.

  1. Show physical connection, connect with touch. Whether it be holding hands, hugging or even massages, physical connect dives deeper into the emotional connect with your partner.
  2. Another way to show more affectionate to your partner is action speak louder than words. May sound cliché, however beautiful gestures to your partner can be very meaningful and go a long way. So it may be as simple as a romantic gesture of bringing home flowers, or getting tickets to your partner’s favorite show, your partner will acknowledge this as a sign of affection and feel loved, appreciated and valued.
  3. Schedule times to spent quality time together. When life gets hectic at times we forget to ensure we are making time for our partner. I encourage couples often to set a time each week with no distractions where both can just be present with one another, enjoy one another’s company and make it apart of your routine. You and your partner will feel a stronger bond, and connect and feel treasured and loved.


Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella