Heartbreak (and what you need to know after a break up)


This is all you need to know after a break up:

Breakups are difficult and can be extremely emotional roller coasters. It’s essential after a break up to take care of you, self-care is so important, so take the time to be good and kind to yourself.

This is a new chapter of your life, and taking the steps to let go of your past and that relationship is the first step. It’s still going to be painful and it’s going to take time, but remember time heals all wounds. So start this new chapter for yourself. Remember we don’t have control of the outside world, but we can control are reactions and responses, so take this time to focus on yourself and your well being. Breathe in, breathe out, surround yourself with great friends and family and begin the process of your new chapter.

No blame, challenge those negative thoughts. You might begin to blame yourself or partner for the break up, either way this leads to negative self talk and brings you to a dark place, so change it up. Focus on you, your accomplishments, your amazing traits and what makes you so very special. At first this may be hard; but positive self-talk is essential towards this recovery after the break up.

You are the star of your life, the star of your show, and make it the story you want to read, and more importantly you want to live. Be easy on yourself, take it slow and this to shall pass.

Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella

Why I Love Being A Therapist


I often get the question, why did you become a therapist? What do you like about your job? Is it hard? What made you go into this field? All very valid, reasonable questions. Often, my reply answers the questions and follows with I love being a therapist.

Why do I love being a therapist?

I love being a therapist and what I do for the powerful fact that I am able to help and guide people when needed, sometimes in the most vulnerable places of their lives. Its an honor and sacred for someone to trust their therapist, let their guard down and work on concerns, improvements or goals together.

I always say, my clients open up their heart and soul to me and if that’s not powerful and beautiful I don’t know what it.

I am extremely passionate with my work and what I do and feel truly honored to be apart of each and every one of my clients’ unique journeys.


Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella

3 Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage


How can we reconnect and strengthen your marriage?

Below are my three tips on ways to strengthen your relationship with your significant other:

  1. Create couples rituals; whether it’s a date night, a check-in or having morning coffee together, rituals help to provide structure, which in hands creates security, and bonds that are essential for successful relationships.
  2. Disconnect from work, the phone, and others to spend some alone quality time together with your significant other. Setting limits to the amount of time spent on the phone or work can help lower and elevate stress levels and allows quality time to be spent solely with your significant other. So step away from the phone, shut it down and spend some time together where you can connect and feel the happiness that brought you two together originally.
  3. Do something fun, spontaneous and adventurous together. Step out of your comfort zone and have a new adventure or experience together. This helps to strengthen your bond while experiencing and enjoying something new together.


Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella

What is Positive Self Talk?

What is Positive Self Talk?

The voice inside your head has a major impact on the way you feel, act and react. Sometimes, even out of habit we have negative self-talk, which can change the way you feel. Practicing positive self-talk is essential to a healthier lifestyle and reducing stress. Bring your awareness to your self-talk and create positive mantras and statements to create a healthy habit of positive self-talk.

Positive self talks statements/ mantras examples:

I can do this

I feel energetic and happy

I choose to be present

I am confident

I am beautiful

I am grateful and aware of all the beauty around me

Focus on these positive mantras and enjoyable moments in your life, be present be aware, be positive.

Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella

3 Tips for Living Mindfully


3 Tips for Living Mindfully

In this busy world we live in today, how can we practice living in the present? Living Mindfully

Being mindful, being in the moment, helps release our worries.

  1. Doing things that make us happy and nurturing relationships is one of the most worthwhile ways to spend you time. Haven’t seen an old friend in a while? Call them today, set a date and enjoy the quality time you can spend together.
  2. Noticing the state of your emotion is another way to live mindfully. Being fully aware of the state of emotion, your feelings, helps to ground yourself, so if your feeling love absorb that love, if your feeling grateful show that gratitude. Promoting these positive emotions can help ground yourself and practice living more mindfully.
  3. Set a daily intention, practicing mantras through out the day can help drive an intention and direct a specific energy out in to the universe and trusting that it will be received, whether the intention is a wish, a focus or a feeling, practicing these daily positive mantras can help you live more mindfully daily.


Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella