How old are you? 


How old are you?

How old are you? The question that we all have gotten and have all asked, many many times. I encourage to begin to answer this question differently and even ask it in a different manner.


So how old are you?

Instead think about all you’ve done

 And then

 All you want to do

 Then subtract it

 That’s your age

 Most of the time, you’re much much younger than you even thought.

 So here’s your homework:

 Create a new journal

 One where you begin to write down all the beautiful, amazing, exciting things you’ve done in your life.

 Then once done documenting this, now write down all the exciting, amazing, wonderful things you want to do or have planned for your future. Use this list as your goals list for you, for you age.

 Begin to cross out all you do and each time feel younger, more vibrant and inspired.

 Enjoy the process, enjoy your age.






Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella