Survival Tips for Breakups


Breakups hurt. They usually get us unprepared and unguarded. One day, you are happy and confident in your relationship’s stability and the next one you are alone. Just like that. And you are left aching for happy times you spent with your ex. The good chances are the breakup seems like the end of the world and you think it is impossible to have a happy life ever again.

However, there are things you can do to get your life back on track and motivate yourself to be happy again. Hopefully, these survival tips for breakup will help you cope and find a way to enjoy your life.

  • Stick to No Contact Rule after a Breakup
    First and foremost, don’t stay in touch with your ex after a breakup. No contact rule after a breakup means no calling, texting or emailing your ex. Furthermore, it means absolutely no following your ex on social media and phone or contacting his/her family and friends.Staying in touch with your ex will only make the healing process after a breakup harder. It may give you a false hope and prevent you from moving on with your life.No matter how hard it may be to refrain from contacting your ex, no contact rule will help you sort out your feelings and put your life into perspective after a breakup.
  • Accept your Feelings
    Allow yourself to express your feelings. Breakup is a sort of a loss. Therefore, it is normal to go through a process of grief after it happens. Let yourself be vulnerable and sad. Suppressing your feelings after a breakup may affect both your physical and mental health and lead to long-term health problems like chronical illnesses, anxiety or depression.
  • Take Care of Yourself
    Don’t neglect a healthy lifestyle despite the lethargy you may fall into after a breakup. Make sure you stick to a healthy diet and exercise daily. Try to stay positive. Start each day with a gratitude exercise – count your blessings each morning. This will help you boost your self-esteem and increase optimism.Work on your self-respect. Set the boundaries and let people know what you do and don’t appreciate in the way they treat you. Other people will respect you only if you show them that you value yourself.
  • Stay Active and Productive
    Staying physically active is a great way of keeping your mind and body healthy. Even a half an hour walking exercise will make a difference!Keep functional and productive at home, school, work or your local community. Engaging in things you enjoy will distract you from your grief and help you reflect on positive things in your life. Moreover, staying busy will give you a sense of worth and increase your confidence.
  • Practice Mindfulness
    Mindfulness is a way of living that makes us happier and healthier. It will help you be aware of your feelings without judging them. Practiced through meditation, mindfulness can help you feel relaxed and content. In addition, mindfulness exercise will help increase the sensitivity to the needs of your body and make you more resilient to stress.
  • Don’t let your Relationship Define You
    Avoid introducing yourself and so-and-so ex-partner and don’t think of yourself as such. Emphasize the qualities that make you special and unique instead. Although it maybe wasn’t your choice, your break up is a fresh start for you that may open the door to many new opportunities.
  • Don’t Live in the Past
    Although the past may seem much happier than your present, try not to focus on it too much. Allow your memories to be exactly what they are and let them stay where they belong. Living in the past will only make it harder to get your life back after a breakup. The sooner you accept your breakup as a reality, the greater chances are you are going to move forward.Focus on the present instead and analyze the positive aspects of being single again. Go out, meet people and make plans for the future. Keep in mind that your subconscious listens to your thoughts. So feed it with the positive ones.
  • Give Yourself Time to Heal
    Keep in mind that the healing process after a breakup takes time. Allow yourself time to recover. Seek support from your family and friends. Sharing your feelings with the close ones can help you in coping with a breakup.Fit in these survival tips after a breakup into your lifestyle and you will gradually start feeling that your old relationship doesn’t define your life anymore. Following these guidelines for recovery will strengthen your self-esteem, boost your optimism and increase your energy. Eventually, you will be able to see your break up not only as a hurtful experience but also as the opportunity to grow and thrive.


Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella