Disney therapist mom here ☀️


A black and white image of the word justice.Yep, Disney mom proud and all pure love of everything Disney.

It’s interesting, often people will ask me as a therapist what do you get out of Disney? What’s the mental health piece? As I often refer to Disney as my very expensive self-care.

Truth is Disney brings me back to basic. Disney reminds of the simple joys that as we grow older we tend to miss, forget, or no longer notice.

Disney elicits the essence of mindfulness to see the child’s great big smile when in awe of the park. Or to notice the connection of families. The happiness individuals feel and it rays like sunshine on a warm day simply walking through the park.

Disney reminds me that life is complicated and sure this is accurate, yes, of course, but there’s also so much joy. So much pure, authentic joy and happiness, absolutely incredible.

Disney reminds me of when I was a child and the happiness that I felt every second in the park with my parents. Embracing my inner child gives me the opportunity to connect with some of the deepest layers of myself while at Disney.

Disney allows me to grow, to evolve. There’s so much knowledge in Disney. So much to learn, and that opportunity I take every single time.

Disney allows me to practice mindfulness, to be present in the experience and enjoy the seconds vs. planning for the next.

Disney provides me awe moments, you know the moments that take your breath away? The moments that make me feel alive, vibrant, and connected to others and something bigger.

Disney may not be everyone’s favorite place in the world, but it’s mine.

So this Disney therapist mom wanted to share for just a moment the joy that Disney brings to me and my mental health. Feeling truly grateful.

Love, sincerely the Disney therapist mama â¤ï¸


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How to Enjoy Life in the Moment with Mindfulness


Let’s talk about how we can slow down and begin to enjoy life in the moment through mindfulness. Often we become autopilot in life; working from one task to another. We one day look back and think where did the time go? Was I even there? It’s common and it’s a concern most of society experiences at one point or another in their lives. Mindfulness is one way to begin to slow down and really be apart of your experiences vs preparing for the future. Focus the emphasis on the here and now allows for individuals to fully see the moments in the moments. These exercises are fantastic ways to slow down and enjoy the moments.

Mindfulness Mediations

Meditation is one way to begin to enjoy life in the moment. Simply practicing meditation daily can begin to rewire the brain to be more present in the moments. Simply meditations, even a couple minutes can help to elicit this change. Check out our podcast meditations to start this regimen daily today:

Mindful Journaling

Mindful journaling is another way to enjoy the present vs focusing on the past or on the future. A simply way to start the mindful journaling is just journaling each evening before bed, journal about your day, what you enjoyed, what you recall and what you learned from the day. This simple yet extremely beneficial exercise can help one to become more present and mindful.

Another Mindfulness Exercise is Mindful Walks

I’m a big promoter of mindfulness walks. Take a walk, weather permitting and use your five senses to hear, see, smell, taste, touch that perhaps you never noticed before. You will be surprised by what you notice, maybe even a place you walk often but never noticed the color on the tree or the smell of flowers. Allow yourself to truly emerge into this mindfulness walk and use your five senses as your guide.

Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness therapy is also a practice that new day vitality provides. We can help you to live more mindful and enjoy the moments through building on skills and helpful tools. If interested in mindfulness therapy reach out to us today. We are honored to help.


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Mother’s Day 2022


Mother’s Day

A black and white image of the word justice.

May 2022
By Colette


What a strange day for me. Even today, I’m not 100% how I feel about it. It use to be the pain, the sadness, the ill feeling that creeped up every year when the Mother’s Day decor started coming out, the painful reminder that my beautiful mother left this physical earth way to early. Followed by the happiness and gratitude of how lucky I was to have her, even for the short period I did. Followed by my Nanny, wow my nanny. The women that stood up to take on a job that now as a mother I can’t even envision, with such strength, such grace, such compassion, even after losing her own daughter she did it all. These two women shaped me in every single form. So the mesh of those emotions was what I felt for years. Many years. Then I became a therapist and an advocate for women, for mothers, the truest forms of warriors and I felt this over whelming emotion again to honor them; to thank them, to see them, all the warrior mothers around me. Today I am one, today I’m part of that very sacred tribe and I feel gratitude, I feel true honor. I’m grateful to my work and especially my boys for making this day easier, for making it joyful, for making it special as for so many years it was the pain. Although I do feel the pain, the magic of love of my boys helps ease it some. So cheers to the multitude of emotions I feel and validate today and the immense gratitude and love I have around me. My boys in every shape and form healed me, they made me whole again and to them I’m forever grateful, they chose me and that’s the greatest honor of my life. Wishing a very special Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. And to my two very own super hero’s in heaven, thank you, truly thank you because without you two strong, powerful women, I wouldn’t be me, I wouldn’t be a mother. Thank you for the greatest gift of my life.

To each, please honor however you feel today, whatever emotion it is, honor that.

With a very grateful heart, a mother.

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How to Feel Less Anxious About The Future, Relationships And Finances


Are you feeling anxious or worried about your future, a relationship or finances? Is it keeping you up at night? Or is it affecting you every day life, your interpersonal relationships?

You’re not alone; one of the major worries in individual’s lives involves one of these aspects in many instances. Here in this blog let’s discuss some ways to support and lower your stress level.


Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety

Mindfulness is one way for someone to lower stress levels. Mindfulness shifts perspective to what is going on in the current moment and less emphasis in the past or to the future. By becoming more present one is able to slow down racing thoughts and soften anxiety.

Mindfulness reduces stress as well as builds resilience with our responses to stressors. Check out Colette’s podcast on apple podcast today to try out some mindfulness mediations, Start somewhere, start here, and start today.


You Have the Ability to Be Empowered and Happy

You have the capability to feel less anxious and be empowered as well as happy by starting to ask yourself the question, what do I need? What can I give myself today? By practicing self- compassion and self- awareness we begin to seek our internal needs and in hand empower ourselves to live happier more fulfilled lives.

I encourage beginning to ask your self the magic question each day, what do I need today? And throughout the day checking in on how you can fulfill that need.


How Therapy Can Help You Feel Less Anxious, Calm and In Control

Therapy can help lower stress levels and put you back in the drivers seat, in control. Therapists are trained on ways to help build clients toolbox of support and resources to feel more regulated, grounded and centered.

If you or someone you know is suffering from anxiety reach out to our team today, we are honored to support you and be apart of your journey,

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What is Positive Self Talk?

What is Positive Self Talk?

The voice inside your head has a major impact on the way you feel, act and react. Sometimes, even out of habit we have negative self-talk, which can change the way you feel. Practicing positive self-talk is essential to a healthier lifestyle and reducing stress. Bring your awareness to your self-talk and create positive mantras and statements to create a healthy habit of positive self-talk.

Positive self talks statements/ mantras examples:

I can do this

I feel energetic and happy

I choose to be present

I am confident

I am beautiful

I am grateful and aware of all the beauty around me

Focus on these positive mantras and enjoyable moments in your life, be present be aware, be positive.

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