How to Enjoy Life in the Moment with Mindfulness

Let’s talk about how we can slow down and begin to enjoy life in the moment through mindfulness. Often we become autopilot in life; working from one task to another. We one day look back and think where did the time go? Was I even there? It’s common and it’s a concern most of society experiences at one point or another in their lives. Mindfulness is one way to begin to slow down and really be apart of your experiences vs preparing for the future. Focus the emphasis on the here and now allows for individuals to fully see the moments in the moments. These exercises are fantastic ways to slow down and enjoy the moments.

Mindfulness Mediations

Meditation is one way to begin to enjoy life in the moment. Simply practicing meditation daily can begin to rewire the brain to be more present in the moments. Simply meditations, even a couple minutes can help to elicit this change. Check out our podcast meditations to start this regimen daily today:

Mindful Journaling

Mindful journaling is another way to enjoy the present vs focusing on the past or on the future. A simply way to start the mindful journaling is just journaling each evening before bed, journal about your day, what you enjoyed, what you recall and what you learned from the day. This simple yet extremely beneficial exercise can help one to become more present and mindful.

Another Mindfulness Exercise is Mindful Walks

I’m a big promoter of mindfulness walks. Take a walk, weather permitting and use your five senses to hear, see, smell, taste,  touch that perhaps you never noticed before. You will be surprised by what you notice, maybe even a place you walk often but never noticed the color on the tree or the smell of flowers. Allow yourself to truly emerge into this mindfulness walk and use your five senses as your guide.

Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness therapy is also a practice that new day vitality provides. We can help you to live more mindful and enjoy the moments through building on skills and helpful tools. If interested in mindfulness therapy reach out to us today. We are honored to help. 

Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella