Colette, Founder and Director of New Day Vitality

New Day Vitality westchester therapy NY online Florida ConnecticutIt’s been sometime since I introduced myself and my practice on here ❤️.  So here’s to really getting to know me ⭐.️ So you landed on this page and you’re here for a reason. I truly believe the universe connects us every step of the way. I’m Colette, Founder and Director of New Day Vitality. I’m a wife, a mom, a fur mom, an empath, a healer and a true lover of life. I’m not your average therapist. I practice what I preach and that’s authenticity. So I’ll probably curse at some point in session and keep it real, pure and honest. I believe being true to who I am is the least I can show up as for my clients considering they are showing me some of their most vulnerable places of themselves.  I’ve dedicated more than a decade of life working as a therapist. Its one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. This work is sacred, it’s meaningful, the fact that someone opens the door for my practice and I to be a part of their journey is truly an honor. Through my own hardships in life through childhood I have committed to being “ that person” to my clients. Your not just a client to me, your family, you’re a friend and I go above and beyond to support you. Life takes us in some crazy direction at times but being on this page is one that is meant to be. If your ready and seeking support reach out today. Myself and my tribe of clinicians are here for you. Remember unconditional love is life’s most powerful healer and that includes self love, investing in you, your mental health is providing unconditional love and believe me you deserve it. You are enough, always have been and always will be my friend lets get back to your inner warrior and strength and allow you to shine bright, because you deserve it. Let’s talk about the hard stuff, you have the power to change your story let’s heal and prioritize you.
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