Self-Esteem Collage (an exercise for your creative side)

We all could use a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence, so how about an exercise that can elicit our creative side to improve our self esteem and self-confidence. A self-esteem collage is a great way to do this. Pretty simple, what you need to do is first put on your creative hat, next get a plain sheet of paper, poster board, or what ever you choose. Grab some old magazines and start to cut out some pictures that reflect or represent your skills, strengths, goals, hobbies, accomplishments, hopes, likes, things that make you smile and people you admire in your life. After you create this collage take a moment to step back and check it out, reflect on the items you have placed on your self-esteem collage. Next post it somewhere that you can check out and see often, perhaps behind you door, or in your closet so when you open it up you see your self esteem collage and all these positive components placed on it. This exercise will elicit and help you reflect on all the positive items you have surrounding you. So get ready, get set, start your engine, put on your creative hat, and create your self-esteem college today!

Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella