Healthy boundaries

Boundaries boundaries boundaries
Boundaries can be hard, sometimes even feel impossible but they are essential for our mental health, in fact they are normal. Here’s some awesome statements you can use to enforce or elicit a healthy boundary when needed and find it difficult to enforce.
  • I appreciate hearing your opinion, but I’m not willing to change my mind on this.
  • Can you explain your thoughts on this?
  • That has not been my experience.
  • I’m interested  by what you’re saying, though I’m not sure how it would work.
  • I would like it if we could just agree to disagree.
  • I’m putting my needs first and you won’t make me feel guilty.
  • I don’t feel like I have a chance to voice my opinion here.
  • I feel like I shut down when you take over the conversation.
  • That may have been the case in your situation. But in this situation, mine is different.
  • I understand why you think that might work. But here’s why it won’t for me.
  • I hear how you feel. But now it’s time to talk about how I feel.
  • I feel uncomfortable when you bring this up in front of everyone. Next time, please just talk to me about it when we are alone.
  • I’m an adult and capable of making my own decisions
  • My reasons are personal, and I don’t have to explain them to you or anyone else.
  • I have my reasons and I don’t have to explain them.
  • I do not have to explain myself to you or anyone else, ever.
  • I prefer not to say or answer.
  • I’m confident in my decision.
  • I won’t allow you to use guilt to control or change my mind. I have made my decision.
  • My feelings are as equally important as yours, they matter.

Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella