Slow Healing

Slow healing is most definitely something to celebrate friends.

Let’s talk about healing

How often I hear people say and ask about a time line for healing, how many months? How many hours ? How many days? How many years? Well the truth is it’s not linear and there’s not a time frame that anyone can ever give you. Healing is a bumpy road, with turns, twists, hills and valleys. The road to healing is the road to processing and that road isn’t always easy or simple. With that being said healing can be slow or slower then one may want and that’s ok because slow healing should most definitely be celebrated and is amazing.

Celebrate yourself on your healing journey

There’s ways you can celebrate yourself on your healing journey. Here’s a couple that I like to share with clients.
Focus on your accomplishments and strengths even if there small steps
Let go of expectations and time frames and fully emerge yourself on your journey.
Give yourself a hug, a big kudos for the hard work you’ve done and how your continuing to work on you, even when it’s hard.
Take time for you. Take a moment to just reflect on yourself and how far you’ve come.
Journal your experience, journal your feelings and your journey.

Support system, get your tribe involved to also support you on accomplishments.

Recite mantras that acknowledge and support your journey. Here’s some examples:

I’m healing
I’m putting myself first
I believe in me
I can do this
I honor myself
I honor my journey
I’m doing great
I’m proud of me
I’m a work in progress
I deserve unconditional love
I love myself
I can do this
I will give myself the love and compassion I deserve
I will practice self love today
I will do something kind for myself today
I will love myself a little more today
I will listen to my body
I will dream big
I deserve happiness
I own who I am, perfectly imperfect
All steps are steps, whether moving in a fast pace or slow. Take time to celebrate yourself and the work you have done and how far you have come. We all need to start somewhere. Start today.

Posted by Colette Lopane-Capella